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New communication Lora & NB-IoT AgrioCom offers great networking capability with lowest cost of support, LoRa and NB-IoT. LoRa is currently available communication technology for IoT. It does not need any infrastructure and does not require SIM card. NB-IoT is the future communication technology for IoT, supported by the world biggest GSM providers. It is expected, that NB-IoT will be widely available very soon. All AgrioCom devices support both technologies and replacement from LoRa to NB-IoT will be completely seamless. Low cost and High quality Main advantage of AgrioCom products is very low cost and high quality. AgrioCom devices are more economical than similar products, they are perfectly suitable for all farms that are willing to build digital agriculture. Why AgrioCom devices are more economical - LoRa and NB-IoT communication: low cost of hardware; Not contract. - Low power: no need of expensive battery and solar panel - Advanced technology: low installation and maintenance cost - Open sensor interface: select most economical sensors on market Open sensor interface, support of other companies sensors AgrioSens and AgrioPro can connect different kinds of sensors to the same inputs. Any kind of sensor combinations are possible. This feature saves the cost and gives the customer great flexibility. Any kind of configuration can be built according to application requirements. Easy to use & install All devices have simple and clear design, they are easy to operate. Installation is very simple and can be done by the customer. All parameters can be setup on the Web platform. Zero configuration All monitoring and automation devices come completely configured and ready to use. After installation, they automatically start measuring and sending data. New generation of Web platform Agri Commander web platform is your command center that gives you easy and quick access any time to all devices and features. It can be accessed from laptop, tablet and mobile phone. EU quality standards All our products have been developed in Europe and produced by EU standards in China. We apply very rigid quality control to all stages of development and production.
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