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Advantages of AgrioCom LoRa based monitoring system for agriculture
Date:2019/01/04  Click:111 times


1.     LoRa allows reliable transmission of data over 10-20 km in open area

Single gateway can serve 100 x of devices. We supply a complete system with cloud software, gateways and end devices. Configuration isn't required.


2.     Lowest energy consumption in industry

3 x AA batteries are enough for 2 - 3 years for a station with 6 sensors sending data every 10 minutes.


3.     Lowest cost

Because devices don't require solar panel, SIM card and other expensive components, the price and running cost are significantly lower than that of similar devices using 2g communication. Moreover, we offer different discount programs.


4.     Independent from GSM standards

One of the biggest problem of monitoring devices with 2g is the support of different regional standards. Modems may work with one provider and not work with another one. Stations may work with a provider without problems for a long time and suddenly stop working with it. This happens because of plenty of standards and their deviations. Those, who worked with 2g monitoring systems in agriculture know how expensive it is to update software of stations in such cases. Moreover, support of 2g is being discontinued because of upgrading to 4g and 5g. Customers will have to find another solution very fast. Changing to 4g / 5g doesn't solve the problem. It will only increase the initial and running cost. LoRa is independent of cellular network. Only gateway needs internet connection. It could be Ethernet, WiFi, 4/5g or any other connection.


5.     Universal sensor inputs

After 20 years of development of monitoring systems, we realized that sensor interface must be completely open. It must allow connecting any sensors from any manufacturers in any combinations without reprogramming the device. We implemented this idea as much as possible in our new system AgrioSens. Customers can connect any analog sensors from any producers (up to 6). The only requirement is that maximum power supply voltage is 3.6V. Additionally, 6 digital or pulse outputting sensors can be connected to the same device. Configuration of sensors is done directly from web interface or mobile app. Configuration of device is not needed.


6.     We have greatly simplified integration of our data into third party software

Simple REST API with detailed documentation for developers and real time demo. Open source software. Possibility to install complete system on customers server or cloud.