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AgrioValve:IoT Irrigation Valve

AgrioValve:IoT Irrigation Valve

This device can control 2 irrigation valves, connect 2 water pressure sensors and 1 types of sensors. The irrigation valves are automatically or manually switched through the Agri Commander cloud platform.

Under various weather conditions, independent power supply can be achieved through batteries, DC or solar panels. Network connection does not require SIM card and GSM communication service protocol. With the advantages of small size, low price, low energy consumption and simple operation, it is an ideal choice for drip irrigation control equipment in farms.

Ø technical parameter



Output / control

Number of valves


Valve type

 9 ~ 18V DC

Sensor input port

Pressure sensor

2Analogue type0 – 2.4 V

Other sensors

1; analog, TTL or single line.

Water meter


Communication information

Range of communication

5 to 10 kilometers

Communication mode

LoRa / NB-IoT

Communication interval

10 ~ 60

power supply


3 section rechargeable battery

Direct current


Solar panels


work environment

working temperature

-20~ +80

Protection grade


   When Lora is used, the communication interval varies with the distance between the device and gateway.