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AgrioPro:Hybrid IoT station

AgrioPro:Hybrid IoT station

This equipment is expected to be marketed in 2019. It is a multi-functional hybrid application base station. It can not only monitor meteorological, soil and vegetation data, but also automatically control various equipment. There are 6 universal sensor connections, which can control 4 irrigation valves and 4 different types of relays. AgrioPro can achieve full automatic control of drip irrigation, including fertilizer equipment and water pump.

Under year-round climate conditions, independent power supply can be achieved through solar panels or rechargeable power supply; network connection does not require SIM card and GSM communication service protocol.

Ø  technical parameter



Output / control

Number of valves


Type of valve

Closed valve 9 ~ 18V DC

Number of relays


Relay types

120V AC/DC

Sensor input port

Universal port / sensor type

6 / analog, TTL, SDI-12 and single line types

Wind speed, wind direction meter or water meter


Rain gauge or water meter



Communication information

LoRa / NB-IoT

Communication interval

10 ~ 60

Communication distance

5 ~ 10 kilometre


power supply


2 lithium charging power supply

Solar panels

External 5 to 10 meter cable

Operating environment

working temperature

-20~ +80

Protection grade



   When Lora is used, the communication interval varies with the distance between the device and gateway.