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Agri Commander Platform

Agri Commander Platform

Agri Commander cloud platform is the control and command center for all devices and functions. It can be accessed and viewed quickly through networked devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. Web cloud platform only needs a small amount of data traffic to run at a high speed. Ordinary network can meet the relevant needs. Each customer has the corresponding account number and password.

The main functions are as follows:

1. Device configuration and Preview

All Internet of Things devices can be set up on the cloud platform, and display the status of all devices to facilitate the detection of any faults.

2. Data display

The Web application will render all the data monitored by the sensor in form and chart style.

3. Data analysis

The application of data analysis can be achieved, such as microclimate forecasting, early warning and pest and disease models.

4. API

Provides a special interface (API) for creating cloud applications that customers can use to build their own cloud platforms.

5. Automation control

The cloud platform directly controls all the automation devices, and the state of each device can be viewed and changed at any time. In addition, automatic control of greenhouse can be realized according to time plan or climatic conditions.